Wednesday, 3 September 2008

A Princess Day

On Sunday, my family picked up a few movies at the church garage sale, several of which were Disney Princess movies. Yesterday, after Mum brough Belle home from school early because she had a fever, we watched Cinderella, one of the newly accquired movies.
Then today, her and I spent all day watching all the princess (minus Beauty and the Beast) movies we have. When six thirty came around, we switched over to watch our Governor's speech.
Palin's the Queen of the North. (I'd say Snow Queen, but that's already taken...) She rules the reindeer. I think someone should tell Obama that he's going to get coal in his stocking for Christmas because Santa needs to keep relations good with Palin because she controls the reindeer sales.
I guess that makes Piper a Princess too - like she looks in the picture. (Which I found on Mommy Life)


  1. hey Laura! Even here they are talking about palin...although they are mostly making fun of her. still everyone is guessing that the majority wont vote for obama^^ when is election day again?

    your german sistor

  2. Hello there! Thankyou so much for all the lovely comments you have left on my blog. :) I too enjoy yours, like a breath of fresh air!

    How nice to have a "Princess Day". My little girl would love that!! (Oh, and the very thought of sitting and watching ANYTHING all day is highly appealing to me right now.......)

  3. "Queen of the North" . . . I like that. Except maybe "Lady of the North" would be better. You know, it sounds a bit more democratic (with a small d!).

    I think that Obama would get coal in his stocking no matter what. And of course he'd be too concerned about the environment to do the sensible thing and use it as fuel. *snork*

  4. Hi!I'm so excited to find your blog. We have fallen in love with your Governor! I'm glad you're a fan! I absolutely loved the "coal in the stocking" statement from you!
    Do you mind if I share a link to this post on my blog?

  5. your governor will make a perfect Vice President!!!!...
    How do you like Alaska during the months when it is mostly night...


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