Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A Special For Mr. Elijah

Oh, I wish I'd posted this a bit sooner. It was to be for Mr. Elijah's fifth birthday party, but it's quite a bit late for that. Anyways, I do hope he and Saraya and William still like the photos.

Baby moose are always born around the end of May to the beginning of June.
And this one was right in our yard, and I took these photos from our deck.
He was so agreeable to the idea of being a photo-present that he posed very calmly for me.
Well, Elijah, I hope you liked looking at the baby animals I grew up with!

Monday, 21 June 2010

When It's Summertime....

Oh, hello there! I'd almost quite forgotten about the world called "Blogs". But, as you see, not quite completely.

Yesterday I had off from work, which was lovely, because I do not really enjoy having to work on Sundays. It's just for the summer, but all the same, I'd really rather not have to. So, my boss surprised me with the wonderful gift of a Sunday off, and I spent most of it asleep. The rest was either spent with my family (it was Father's Day, here in the States) or out on a walk, or daydreaming over a L. M. Montgomery book. (Not Anne, I promise!)

Today, well, I made cookies, had tea, and daydreamed a bit more. And we're not quite through the day yet, just a little over half-way. Plus, I found that a dear friend who had been in London the last six months had sent me a postcard back in March, which was sadly lost betwixt there and here, until this morning. So, I had quite the lovely surprise in hearing from her, three months late. I suppose I ought to clean my room and tend to laundry, but the sunshine is calling me for a walk. And that book is calling to my imagination.

And I have story brewing in my mind- and a desire to watch some Doctor episodes....

Saminda, if you would still like the caps, just send me your and Saraya's measurements, and let me know if you'd like them in wool, or any other type of yarns. I think you said you would both like brown, right?

Thursday, 17 June 2010

If I were to be a builder...

Well, even though I'm not going into the building arts, I found something really cool on the facebook of one of my professor-friend's.

Hands-On Education

I've always wanted the old building skills and black-smithing to be carried on, and lamented for as long as I can remember knowing what they were that when I was grown, no one would do it, or even know how to do it.

But there's hope, and it's down there in South Carolina. I guess some part of me will always love that rascally rebellious state.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Mousey Candles!

I did make the jelly I mentioned. And have been so busy that I really haven't gotten around to posting. Eventually I'd like to post a step-by-step process on the jelly. We'll see.

I'm really looking forward to about five o'clock tomorrow afternoon, since it will signify my weekend beginning. This time, I do really plan to take it a bit easy and rest so that I'm not so tired this time next week.

But today, when I got off of work, I ran into Halleymarie, and we went "shopping". That basically means that we went to the store and tried things on without the least intention of buying anything. It's the best way, because then you have a complete imaginary wardrobe, and everything always looks good on you.

Also, we talked of candlesticks, and how impossible it is to find any in the stores. And I mean, any stores. I've looked in three states, and many many stores, and haven't found any. (Except solid silver ones from India in the UN gift store, and those cost about sixty apiece.) So, upon coming home and chatting with friends, I was reminded during a Skype with a friend that I could always look at Victorian Trading Co. Usually they are too expensive for what they offer, but I do know that they have beautiful things, and are actually very good in quality. (Which might account for the cost.)

And so I came to find Mr. Mousey. Isn't he just adorable? I want one....... someday.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Dandelions are taking over

Do you know what happens when you work at a greenhouse and one of the guys who works there gets put on dandelion picking duty?

I was given four bags of dandelions this morning, and they are sitting in the van, waiting to be plucked and made into jelly. Oh my.

When I got home, prepping them was the last thing I wanted to do. Maybe if I'm home early enough tomorrow, I'll do them then. I know that I'll be picking lots of dandelions around the house on Monday morning though, if it's not raining. Then, I'll just be jelling away up here.... hot sticky syrup and boiling water...

How do others spend their days off work?

Friday, 4 June 2010

Jelly plans and June thoughts and Summer's fast pace

So, update on that jelly I made - it's delicious, set perfectly, and everyone at work loved it. I got donations of dandelions from my co-workers' yards in return for bringing it in on Thursday.

I'm going to make more probably on Monday, since I have off then. Tuesday is technically a day off, but I have to go to town anyways. Maybe if I get back soon enough, I could make more jelly anyways. Mum traded some for fresh eggs today, so if I want to trade any more, or give any as Christmas gifts, I'll need to make at least two more batches. Not like that's a problem for me. :)

Summer is so busy, I feel like I'm constantly rushing and never finishing my mile-long mental list of what I'd like to accomplish. Crafting has kinda gone by the way-side, though I'm planning on doing a little sewing over the next week. I have hankies cut out and ready for hemming, then ribbon and lace to edge them whenever I'm ready for that stage.

And here soon, maybe I'll do some experimenting in the kitchen with my recipe book I got for my birthday.... we'll see!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I Love Dandelions!

I think the whole world should know that I love dandelions!

Dandelions Everywhere!

Yes, that's right, I love love love dandelions! Who couldn't? They're bright, sunny, and grow just about anywhere, in any conditions.

Dandelions for Jelly

And they're yummy! Plus, they are extremely good for you, especially if you have respiratory problems or weak lungs. *cough*likeme*cough*

Bowl of Sunshine

Yesterday, I had a day off of work, and in the late afternoon, I headed outside and picked that bowl full of dandelion heads. I spent about an hour and a half pulling all the petals away from the sepals and head of the blossoms. Basically, I kept only the green part.

Boiled Petals

Today, when I got home from work, I boiled up those heads, and made jelly!

Syrupy Jelly

I made a double batch, and ended up with seven pints.

Boiling Jelly Bath

It was the first time I made jelly all by myself. It was quite the experience, but I loved it.

Finished Jelly

I think I'm going to be making more in the very near future!
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