Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Light from Light

Today I meant to be productive. I got off work at eight, went to the office for a half hour and then on to morning Mass. After that, I was intending to go to Winterwold and sleep for several hours.

Alas, the plans of mice and men oft go awry... as Burns constantly reminds me. Instead, when I went to the office I discovered I had several hours of training this afternoon. So instead of home and sleep, I went to training and then on to hunting down candles for my Advent wreath. At last, after quite a while of searching, I discovered some and headed back to Winterwold.

By this time, it was later in the evening and so I merely ate a small dinner, practiced a bit of music and left again for choir rehearsal.

It was a beautiful night to drive- the snow swirling reminded me of how when I was about four I thought shooting stars must look.

Finally, I got to come home and set up my Advent wreath. It really does something to my heart to see the three purple and one pink candle set on the table.

But that's as productive as I got all day. So now, it's off to bed and I'll get around to cleaning and cooking and such in the morning, as I have no where to go all day.

Monday, 28 November 2011


Last year I posted a photo of a poinsettia, right around this time, I think. But this year, I have another poinsettia photo, and this one is my very own plant. I'm very happy with this bright little fellow, who is using his cheery bracts to brighten the otherwise very neutral coloured sitting and dining room of Winterwold- my home for the winter. 

It was this plant that made me realize I take after my mother a bit- the house had so little colour that some of the first things I bought were bright red: A Christmassy tablecloth to cover the dark wood table, a pair of scarlet candles to rest in my crystal candlesticks on said table, and then, this happy poinsettia. 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here...

... which is good because yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

And the North Winds Blow

Yesterday I was in OldTown for choir rehearsal, and while there, the winds began to really blow hard. By the time I was done there, I'd forgotten about it all. My head was full of parts and descants and high notes and Christmas carols to think about the weather outside.

However, the moment I stepped out the door, I realized that although it's hardly appropriate for singing in church, the most appropriate song for the weather was Let It Snow. It's very obvious that winter has descended and that it's only a little over a month until Christmas. I love this time of year, although none of us were expecting it to get this cold this fast.

This morning, our electricity was out, and not just were I live, but also all over the upper peninsula. The winds had picked up during the night, gusting up to 66 miles an hour. (That's over 100 kilometers.) And it's only supposed to get worse over the next few days. That means it's going to be awful cold tonight when I get off work, which only makes me more thankful for the good heater system in my car, along with the seat warmer.

I think it's time to break out the heavy knit hats and thick gloves and winter scarves. I'm going to have to go through my racks to find those in the morning. Also, it's the time for piping hot tea (just a degree above the right temperature makes for a perfect cuppa), hot cocoa, coffee and chai.

Mhm, I love this time of year.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Stable

So, sitting in the cafe, I barely ever register the music that plays quietly in the background. However, today, I was ecstatic because they had a playlist which included Mumford & Sons.

Then, a song came on with a singer I didn't recognize. And I just loved it.

I ran over to the barista and breathlessly asked her who it was. She looked at me bemusedly. "I would have thought of all people you'd know of him; it's just such you music."

I admitted I didn't know him, but that it was indeed just my type of music. So now, I've been listening to all of his music I can find on youtube.

And this is the song that introduced me to him- give him a listen. It's just so calming and peaceful.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Music Heights

Mhm. I love Emily Bronte.

And it turns out that they are making another film adaptation of Wuthering Heights.

I was excited to see a short video for it, I'm trying not to read too much about it so that I can be surprised. Hopefully not in the bad way.

And then I found out that the music in the video is by none other than my favourite band.

Happiness on a cloudy day? Yes, I think so.

Friday, 11 November 2011

On My Mind...

This week, I have my new car on my mind- Rory, the 2006 VW Jetta. 
My old van was becoming very unreliable: not starting properly, stalling, and using gas like you wouldn't believe. Anyways, as of last Friday, I became the owner of this new (to me) car. It's the first time I've owned anything this small, and I have to say, it's a little nervewracking. But there are many perks to the car, and so I'm loving it so far. 
What's on your mind today?
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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Priorities and Procrastination

You know, I often use the excuse of being too busy to not blog.

But here I am, on day ten of November, sitting at almost 15,000 words on my novel I'm writing for NaNoWriMo.

Priorities, I guess you might call them. Maybe it's because I just don't know what to say that would interest anyone. Maybe because my life just seems to be work and sleep these days.

But there is more to it than just work and sleep. I am writing. I am knitting (even if it's been awhile since I actually finished anything). I'm listening to music; well, I'm listening to Adele on repeat since those are the CDs in my car. I'm involved in several ministries in my parish.

I am planning on writing about these things in the days to come. It should hopefully return me to the rhythm of writing. And this time, I hope, I shan't procrastinate until December.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

November and Musing

Mhm, it's been a while. I couldn't think of much to say for October. I main just spent time at work and did nothing else.

I'm hoping November will be different- full of knitting, novelling (I'm taking part in NaNoWriMo, for those wondering what's taken up all my time), and reading. I'm still working, but only scheduled for 40 hours a week. 

Lots of things are on my mind though- cars and life and church and trying to figure out what it is I want to do in the year ahead. Most people do that a few days before January first, don't they? Well, maybe it's because my own birthday is so close to that (I'm under four weeks now, until I'm 21) so I do it a month or two early every year. 

Not being in school is actually nice, I don't have that to take up my thoughts on top of everything else. 

In other news, we got snow in the last week, and that's exciting. Of course, it makes driving very interesting at times, especially when I'm going to work at midnight. But hey- it's beginning to look like Christmas out there. And gives me a great excuse to listen to Christmas music, right?
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