Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Items in the Shoppe!

Just a quick note to say that I finally loaded photos and posted items in the shoppe!

For now, five sets of dishclothes will do, and I'll post the beret later. I'm kinda excited now. Maybe later, I can post a set of basketweave dishclothes as well.

Saminda- the current posted ones are the same style of washclothes that I sent you last year or so.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

How to Not Spend All My Money on Fibers

Today Mum and I visited a local knit-shoppe. It was lovely, all the yarns stacked in there. Mohair. Cotton. Wool. Cashmere. Alpaca. Angora.

I was in heaven. So many colours and choices. How could I decide without bankrupting myself?

Well, by limiting myself before I went in on what I was looking for. So I came out with two lovely hanks of cotton for dishclothes. One is a pale ivory, the other a variated blue.

And so, for the first time ever, I got to wind a hank. And Mum was my "suitor-knitter". (She did much better than I would have if I'd used the "single lady" method of my feet...)

Now to start on my new pattern...

Monday, 29 March 2010

Holy Week Thoughts

So I'm not at work right now like I thought I'd be. I woke up this morning with a sore throat, stuffed up nose and achy body. Oh dear.

Instead, I'm sending more emails, drinking more tea, and planning to clean my room and perhaps start a new knitting project. And of course, sometime over the course of the day, I shall photograph some things for the shoppe and get them listed!

As this is Holy Week, I have many favourite songs running through my mind. Palm Sunday was yesterday. Maundy Thursday is only three days away. Then Good Friday. Black Saturday. Easter Morning.

This is probably the most important week of the whole church year. Blessings to you all as we mark the days that lead to our redemption!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

A Quiet Sunday

Ok, now that the mental debate about the shoppe is done, I feel very relieved. With the slight exception that most of the morning was spent setting up paypal and such like.

Hopefully, I have some washclothes in the shoppe by tomorrow, so you can head over there to look at them. I really ought to be knitting right now, or reading, or doing something with my time. But am I? No. I'm on the computer, emailing and reading blogs. Which isn't a bad way to spend a Sunday, I suppose.

Yesterday I did go into work, which was nice. I love the greenhouse, but I don't think I'll be able to be there much longer. I am going in again tomorrow, but I've applied at Kaladi's and a few other places for works. I really would love to be a barista, and I think I have a good chance for it. Prayer would be greatly appreciated as I'm job-hunting. Too bad my body conspires against me staying with my current job.

Anyways, there isn't much going on today on this quiet Sunday, so I wish you all a blessed Palm Sunday!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

A New Adventure!


I've gone off the deep end this time, I think.

Yes, that means I've done it. I started a new blog, all for selling things. I'll post things on there as I make them, or have them ready. Over the next few weeks, I'll be developing that more and actually figure out paypal and all that jazz. Maybe at some point, if I feel like I can actually handle this, I'll start selling on etsy as well.

What have I done, and what have I started?

Well, here's to the new adventure in my life. And I thought my life was already strange enough. Ahem.

And if you have any handy thoughts, ideas, anything at all, please share! I especially would like input on what sort of things you'd like to see in the shoppe. And please, spread the word!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Shooting Around the House


Well, last year I mentioned these boots and never actually posted the photos of them. That's sad indeed! But at last, I do get around to it. Aren't they adorable?

Barefeet For Spring!

I realise there is snow in the background of this photo. But really, it wasn't that cold. And I live barefoot anyways. My feet were very happy to be outside without the confines of restrictionary shoes.

Hints of Green

My mother has plants all over the place, as evidenced by most photos I've taken around the house in the past. This particular plant caught my eye and I just had to photograph it.

Beret the Second

Okay, I know I said I wouldn't post again. But I really like how this photo turned out....

Seafoam Beret Take Two

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Carnations on the Table

Vase of Colours
Earlier this week, my mother bought these beautiful flowers for our table. And today, I finally got around to photographing them, along with a few other things around the house which I'll likely post tomorrow.

Melancholy Crimson
If that's not just one of the loveliest shades of red I've ever seen. I love carnations, and not just because they're practically the Lutheran flower of choice. Look at the pinked edging. Such daintiness, in such hardiness.

Vintage Carnation
Carnations also have this lovely vintage charm. They just speak gentle archaic romance and sweetness. Rather like something lightly sugared and just right for a reading-day snack. Or maybe it's just that I think that pressing carnations sounds like a lovely idea right now.

Bright Pink
And don't those bright colours just call out to you, calling to your sense of beauty and love of wonder? They do to me! And I'm not even the greatest fan of pink. But pink carnations can win me over any day.

Gentle Enfolding Pink
Especially if they're just beginning to open up...

Knitting and Soft Warmth

I saw this on Little Jenny Wren's blog the other day and have been meaning to post it over here ever since. But, alas, being me, I was delayed by that wonderful trait of mine called procrastination.

However, now, I shall leave you with an adorable little commercial about heating. And knitting. Two very wonderful things.

Isn't that just wonderful?

Knitting and A Movie

Last night my mother and I visited a friend and they sorted seeds for planting together. This wasn't part of our original plan, but it was very relaxing anyways. I just sat there and knitted my beret.

Then we watched The Blind Side, which was a lovely movie. I'd highly suggest it to anyone who enjoys a good story, good acting, and inspiring thoughts. While we watched, my hands continued to knit.

By the end of the movie, I had finished my hat. I felt like it was quite the accomplishment. Two hats in one week. Well, I could have even got the second hat done sooner if I had actually knitted more often and spent less time on the computer.

I won't likely be posting photos since it's the same yarn I used for the one I made on Sunday. But this one actually fits, so I'm not contemplating selling it.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I don't know no love songs...

And I can't sing the blues anymore...

I love James Taylor. And this song is pretty much my favourite. And yes, someone did get a CD of his music from the library today. And has been listening to it while knitting, cleaning and so forth. I wonder why more people don't listen to his soothing tone...

Seafoam Beret

On Sunday, I finally made a knit hat.

Seafoam Beret

I chose a lovely beret pattern, and this variated yarn. I think it turned out pretty well. Down side? Well, I wanted to make it for myself. But the pattern was a bit larger than that, so it doesn't exactly fit me. Oh well. It fit my mother pretty nicely, so she nicely modeled it for me, and I photographed it and am now trying to decide what to do. Most people are advising me to just start selling some of my stuff. I guess that wouldn't be so bad.

Seafoam Beret in the Plant Corner

What do you think?

Monday, 22 March 2010

Details in Purple

So, when I was still in New York, I finally posted the directions for the blanket. And I promised photos of the variation I mentioned.

Purple Lattice

Doesn't it just look so pretty and don't you just want to curl up in that?

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Knits, Aches, and Plans

Since Wednesday, I haven't been able to work due to messing up my back through the physical demandingness of my job. I'm hoping it'll be better by Monday and I can return. However, I'd appreciate prayers about other job possibilities as well.

And I cast on for a hat yesterday, and got about halfway before realising that I have too little of that particular yarn to finish the hat. I'd get to about an inch to the centre or so and run out, so I'll have to figure out another project with it. Perhaps a much smaller version of the same hat. Like, two or three inches less around the brim and it may work. I'll mess about with it as I have time and inspiration. But I hate to rip out all those stitches I put in yesterday. At least I was only one day into it, and stopped when I realised that the yarn wouldn't last.

Whenever I do finish, I'll post photos of the beautiful yarn. I really just got the yarn because it was too lovely to pass up. I'm sure anyone who likes working with yarn would agree.

Also yesterday, I had a delightful dinner with a Mama-Moose and her family, then a long chat afterwards, to get home around midnight. (Whoops! I didn't think I'd be out that late!) Today, I think I shall put away the last of my packages/clothes, then fill out applications and update my resume, and see how I'm feeling at the end of all of that. I might attempt a walk later if it warms up, but only if my body decides to comply with my wishes. It doesn't alway quite get along with my ideas, but I'm hoping after the last two days of resting, it'll be okay.

And then tonight, I'm getting together with friends for a game night, I believe, which will be fantastic. I'd also like to perhaps get together with my dear Halleymarie again.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Huzzah for Halleymarie

So, I wrote last summer about how much I hated the word goodbye after helping a long-time family friend and her family move to Vermont. Well, she actually came back in the fall to go to school here, right after I left to go to New York and HC. So, it's been since last June since I saw her.

I didn't go to work today due to the strenuous work I did yesterday causing some back issues to flare up. (I'm hoping I'll be right again in the morning.) I called her up, and she came over this afternoon.

I'd missed her company so much. It was wonderful to just sit and chat and see how our life has gone the last nine months, and how much we've missed. Even though we stayed somewhat connected via email and facebook, it's not the same as face to face, or even letter, communication. And I got to give her some needles and yarn, which made me happy.

And while she was here, the last of my boxes arrived, and with it, most of those needles that I thought I'd lost for good. Sure, I still ended up losing about five or six sets of needles, but at least it wasn't a dozen or so that I lost.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

How I Nearly Missed Saint Patrick's Day

I didn't even know that today was Saint Patrick's until late in the day. I wondered at all the people coming into the greenhouse wearing green. My boss and coworkers all wore green. My mind didn't put it together. Even though they were playing celtic music all day.

My mind was on the five hours of vacuuming that I did. The hundreds of pounds of epsom salts that I bagged. The driving over to K-Town to visit a friend who is soon leaving our area. And the still missing knitting needles.

However, when I did get to K-Town for the church service, and saw all the green and the American version of Irish stuff (including the Irish Tenors...) I suddenly realised exactly what day today was. It made all the soreness and aching feet worth it.

And when I got home, I got to take a lovely, long, hot, lavender scented epsom salts bath.

Life doesn't get much better than that, now does it?

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Almost all my packages arrived today.

I have even more stuff than I remember packing. Weird. I think my mugs reproduced in transit. Same with my spices and teas. And perhaps my books.

All the same, it's good to have my belongings and to be able to try to set things up somehow here. I'll be working on that over the next few days, I have a feeling. It certainly won't be all done by tonight.

Even if listening to Sister Golden Hair does help when I'm sorting clothes from cups and books from yarns... It doesn't quite cover having perhaps lost about $50 worth of knitting needles.

How I Spent My Pi Day

Yesterday, I went to work. It felt like I never left, and was just picking up right where I left off last July. Nine months, like nothing.

And I'm working again today. Yesterday was washing pots and trays and such, but today, I think I'm bagging flower seeds. It's actually a rather fun job.

But the fun part of yesterday may have been going to pick up coffee grounds for composting, and being given a free cup of coffee 'cause they all still know me really well up there. Or perhaps it was going to the library and getting books on knitting. Rather, books on the history of knitting, or stories about knitting, with beautiful pictures of knitting. One of them had a few patterns in it, which I may copy out and try some time.

After the library, and talking to all the dear librarians who remembered me quite well, I went to the store to get sandwich meat and cheese. Should have only taken me about ten minutes. If I hadn't run into every one I know. And then talked with all those people. I think I was in there over an hour.

When I came home, it was to a quiet dinner, and then I proceeded to read those books on knitting. Relaxing? Yes. But then too, I think I deserved a nice evening after being on my feet for seven hours.

And I sadly didn't get any pie on pi day...

Saturday, 13 March 2010

My Eleven Year Project (And Counting)

My foot never did start to feel right today. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. And I got a lot of rest time on the couch, listening to country music (don't look at me like that!), drinking coffee, and having fun with loading photos. I kinda snitched my dad's computer, since it likes loading photos more than the Old Comp.

I read blogs, talked to friends. I got inspired by creative people who let me peek into their lives. I have all sorts of ideas for further knitting. Unfortunately, my knitting needles and yarns are all in transit right now, so I can't really begin on any new projects until they come in. (Should be in on Monday...)

And yes, I worked on embroidery again today. It's not really my thing. I don't know. Tons of tiny little stitches, to make something which I don't know if I'll use. But it's pretty. Hm. Maybe I like knitting 'cause I know it's going to be used. So much more homey and fun. And I go a lot faster when I knit than when I finally pick up the needle to work on my cross-stitch project I started when I was eight. Eleven years, it sat with only a bit of green border, but even that green part wasn't finished. Until I watched Firefly with Mum last night. And I worked on the pink centres to the hearts. For the first time ever, I'm actually getting somewhere on this.

Stitches of Love

If I take after my mother, as I seem to do in the area of embroidery, I may just have this finished by the time I get married...
Good morning!

It's early morning, and I'm supposed to go to work in about two and a half hours. One hitch, my right ankle and lower leg are killing me any time I try to stand, let alone walk. I think I'm going to wait another hour or so and if the pain doesn't go away, I'll call my boss and let him know I can't come in right away. It's a bummer, I was pretty excited about going back to the greenhouse. I don't even know what I did to make my foot feel like this.

I know, I fell off the posting wagon when I got on that plane, but really, I have been just resting a lot the last few days. Halleymarie and I set up a get together date for next week, so that makes me pretty happy, since I haven't seen her in a really long time.

And no, I haven't loaded any of those photos I promised. I don't think I've even got close to bringing my camera to the computer. I don't have a laptop, and neither does my mother any more, and my dad's is usually with him. Which leaves me with a slow computer that I haven't had the will to do a photo-battle with yet. Instead, I've been watching Firefly with my mother and doing embroidery, and making yogurt and washing dishes...

Yep, I'm home.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


I'm home again. My flights went well, I got home on Tuesday evening. I spent yesterday with my family, some friends, and at Kaladi's.

Yes. Life is good. And now, I'm going to go drink some good coffee and unpack my bags. And maybe see about updating and posting photos.

Hope you've had a great two days since I last wrote!

Monday, 8 March 2010

On a Jet Plane...

Yep. I'm leaving tonight. In less than 12 hours now... to fly away home.

Well, I'm almost ready to go here. I have to put my last things in my suitcase, eat dinner, try to sleep for a few hours, then leave my grandparents in the middle of the night.

Now that it's so close, I feel like there are a million things to do, and I have no idea what they are. Or where to start on those things. Maybe it's a lot simpler than that. I just have to put one foot in front of the other.

And those feet should just be able to lead me onto a few planes, then onto my own front door. When I get back, I'll see about posting really quickly to let you know that I'm still alive, then I'm going to hopefully have a wonderful dinner with my parents and just settle back into my life.

Mum tells me that I may be moving up at work as well, when I return. God is truly great!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

M is for Mushy Movies...

Today, I had the luxury of waking up at seven in the morning. Curtesy of going to bed at nine thirty last night. Yeah, my body-clock is all messed up. I really don't know what's going on, but I'm certainly not going to be in bed by that time tonight. However, being as it was Saturday, I spent about an hour just praying and reading over a friend of mine's book of common prayer that she lent me last December.

By eight thirty, I stumbled out to greet the world, or rather, my grandparents. Gramma has pneumonia, and so we spent the morning watching cooking and travelling shows on the the telly. I guess today was "Carribbean" day, since all the shows seemed to have that theme. I guess I'm just odd, but if I'm to go somewhere nice and warm and sunny with beaches and such, I'd rather go to Australia or New Zealand. One of my fondest dreams is to take a vacation in the Gold Coast area of Australia, which I've been planning since I was about ten.

Around noon, I baked a double batch of cardamom biscuits; my grandfather is dutifully helping me get rid of them now. (It's such a hardship, apparently, I may have to make more at some point.) Then, Gramma and I started a movie marathon that has gone pretty much the rest of the day. Included was a terribly sappy and sweet movie which I fell in love with, starring Superman, but as a time travelling debonair... I'm still sighing over the sadness and silly wonderfulness that was Somewhere In Time. We watched The Man Who Knew Too Much right after, which was great because I've loved Que Sera, Sera for ages, and Doris Day is amazing in anything. Then we got to Madam X, which was so terribly sad that I hope to never see it again. Which is just to bad, because because it really was well done. I just hate sad movies that could end on a bittersweet, and slightly happy, note. And this one could have done just that. And it didn't, for which I cannot forgive it and therefore shall not watch again. After that was over, I made Gramma promise no more sad movies, so we watched Father Goose, which was complete with Cary Grant, as an uncharacteristically uncouth and rough boatman during WWII. I loved it. I won't spoil it, but really, you must watch it, and just bear with the main female being a stick for the first part. And now that you've had a run down of movies...

That's pretty much my day. Other than knitting (a skein and a half more added to the blanket) which I've slowed down on simply because I'll need something to do when I'm on the plane. And then, watching YouTube clips of said Sappy Movie Of The Day. :) Hopefully, this mushy mood passes soon.

Friday, 5 March 2010

A Word About Tea...

This tea is magical. Notice the woman in red has tamed the dragon? Well, I think that's supposed to explain how the tea helps you calm your nerves and make you feel oh-so-much better!

I may have been over-dosing on this tea recently, but it just tastes so wonderful and leaves me feeling refreshed and better. At HC, I turned a bunch of girls I knew onto it. It's perfect when you're stressed and studying. Or stressed and moving across country.

And did I mention it's good for you? Eleuthero, peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, chamomile, lemon grass, licorice, catnip, tilia flowers, lemon, hops and vitamins B6 and B12 are all in there. This means that the herbs combine to make you feel calm, refreshed, energetic and rested.

Which means it's probably good for everyone else around me, since I am not going to be Madam Dragon...

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Packages Sent and Sun Sighted

I just got back from the postal office. All ten boxes are now sent, and on their way to Alaska. It wasn't cheap, but it was better than anything else by nearly $300. I'm glad that it is over now and all I have to do is think about flying home on Tuesday. And I have all that packed as well.

It's finally sunny here in New York again. It does wonders for me to see the sun. My mubble-fubbles are starting to lift, and I think that has a lot to do with the beauty of blue skies and golden sunshine. I've missed that over the last month when I've only seen the sun for a few hours here and there.

For now, I have knitting and tea and rest. Then Monday, I can put the last things in my suitcase, to leave at 4 AM on Tuesday. It's almost here. And I think I'm almost ready. When I get home, I can get about loading photos, and catching up on life in Alaska.

And for today, well, I'll just enjoy the thought that I can wear sandals and drink tea. Without anyone thinking that I have a mental disease because I have no socks on...

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Summer Breeze

Okay, I know this is random, but I just found this lovely song on YouTube. I've loved it for ages, but never found a good video to post. And now there is.

So I'm sharing, and for those who are wondering, I'm kinda reverting into a sixties music binge. Simon and Garfunkel, Crosby Stills and Nash, and Seals and Croft. Sounds great to me!

All Boxed Up

Well, as of today, all my packing is done. Ten boxes to be shipped from me to me, carrying most of what I own in this world, it seems. I can't believe it all fits in ten boxes. I can't believe how much there is. (Albeit, there are mugs, teapots, and sundry in there, so it's not just clothes. And a good deal of books.)

Grandad and I spent a good deal of today sealing and labeling the boxes. And of course, there was discussion on how to get them home, which meant phone calls to my parents. At last though, everything looks like it's coming together, and I can let out a sigh of relief. Some stress went out of my life when the last box was done. I still have to ship them tomorrow, which shall be another adventure. But things are becoming final. I'm almost home.

I don't like packing. But now, I can sit back and know that I don't have to redo it all over again in the morning. It's finished. I can pick up the pieces of my life here and go home to sort them out and put things back together again. I can heal, and I can rest, and I can live. I'm going home, with the world's two most amazing parents who love me and are there for me as I am going through all of this. (Including early morning calls since the time difference is a difficulty here.)

And as of this afternoon, I found that when I get home, I have my job at the greenhouse waiting for me. The Lord is good indeed. Thank you all for your prayers as I continue on home.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

He Will Make A Way

As things are stressful here, and I'm not sure how to get through this time, I keep thinking of a song my mother sent to me Sunday...

It helps. A lot.
Please pray for me over this next week until I get home, and beyond.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Blanket Pattern

Awhile ago, my dear Annie asked me about a pattern which I've varied several times for a blanket. Being the oh-so-typical me, I haven't gotten around to it for a month. Eeps! Well, better late than never, I'm hoping, at least as concerns knit blankets!

Although the last time I made it, I made a large version, with about two pounds of yarn, that's not my typical approach. Nearly a year ago, I posted photos of the "normal" sized version.

So, now, I will give the normal size directions, and post the variation that I'm now working on and reasons about the differences.

Materials needed: size 6 mm (10 US) needles, and about 400 grams of yarn.
Cast on 123 stitches.
Row One: Purl across.
Row Two: Knit one, (knit three, pass first of the group of three over the other two, yarn over) repeat part in parenthesis until two stitches remain, knit final two.
Row Three: Purl across.
Row Four: Knit two, (yarn over, knit three, pass first of the group of three over the other two) repeat part in parenthesis until one stitch remains, knit last stitch.
Repeat 1-4 until near the end of yarn. Then when you have completed a purl row, use the next row (rather than a 2 or 4) to bind off.

My favourite variation: (will be posting photos soon.)

It's the same as the one above, except that on Rows One and Three, you knit across, rather than purl.

I like this because, as you can see in the photos in the first link, the basic pattern is really flat and a bit thin. It's very pretty, but also the purl rows give a definite "front and back" to the blanket. I rather like reversibility. The variation gives a bit of thickness and added texture to the blanket, which I enjoy, as well as it keeps the edges from curling under as I'm working. It also creates a rather delightful ripple-like effect in the project.

If you want to try this, and have any questions as far as clarification about the pattern, please just ask and I'll try to explain better. Happy knitting!
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