Friday, 31 December 2010


For several years now, I've been following Little Jenny Wren's blog.

I love the way she writes about her life, her creativity, and just the peace and joy that her writing quietly exudes. And her dolls, if you take just a quick look, are works of absolute art. A while ago, I managed to snag a spot to get one of her dolls.

If you follow her blog anything like I do, you might have seen this post from about a month ago...

That top dollie? Yes, she's sitting right next to me as I type this, sweet and smiling and warm and very happy to be up here in the North, where it warmed up as soon as she arrived. (It's now about -3 C, rather than -27 as it was yesterday morning.)

After Christmas...

...we had a party!

Well, okay, Monday evening, a bunch of old friends (and new ones, and new ones' siblings!) came over to play games and talk and eat.

Normally we just have Autumn parties, but Theophilus was very much absent this summer and Autumn, so we made an exception and gave another.

And now I'm pretty much done with parties for another year. ;)

However, I greatly enjoyed seeing people I hadn't seen in months: friends who live out of state, those who've gotten married, and even some of those who are now pregnant... which was the most surprising part of the evening.

It's also strange though, at these parties, to see the people whom you remember knowing when they were little, and before I could even read a clock (okay, that wasn't all that long ago- I'm bad with clocks) who are now either married or very "grownup"-ish or living on their own. Or in the case of one of them: almost completed with her Masters. When did we get older?

So, now that I'm in a nostalgic mood, I want to watch Disney's Robin Hood and reread The Velveteen Rabbit. Perfect for bringing in the New Year, right? Especially since I doubt I'm keeping myself up until midnight tonight...

Thursday, 30 December 2010


I know- I dropped out of touch as soon as Theophilus came home...

The first few days were pretty quiet, and then Tuesday we went to a friend's house and made doughnuts.

On top of that, the guys played Catan. I drank tea and then joined for a game of applied geometry. (More fun than that sounds.) The doughnuts were delicious and I probably had more than was really good for me, but after all, it was Christmas time, and you can get away with lots of sugar then. :) We watched a movie, talked, and then made thimble cookies with raspberry jam made by the lovely Mrs. S.

For most of that week the temperatures were a balmy -28 C.

On Christmas Eve, I was part of two separate Church services. The first was a Children's Mass, at 5 PM, but I was supposed to be at the church to rehearse by 3, which really broke up my day oddly. I loved seeing the children in the pageant for the gospel readings. Also, my friend Annie came and brought her new-born, who was completely adorable. While everyone talked, I got to play with several of the kids there- since we don't have foster kids at home right now, I was missing having little ones to play with.

We got home and had our traditional supper and opened presents and watched some Doctor Who, and then I went in to play for the Midnight Mass (frigid -34 C) and had another lovely time, although I was more than exhausted by the time we got home.

Christmas Day passed quietly, happily, with lots of food, and then, in the evening, a Doctored up Christmas Carol.

And it's hard to believe that was only a week ago!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

He's Home For Christmas

Theophilus is home now... he came in the middle of the night. I think I was more asleep than anything and some how don't really remember anything other than Mum telling me to give him a hug. 


Well, now for tea and catching up with him and soon going into S-Town for choir practice... Mid-night Mass is now in less than a week! 

Merry almost Christmas, everyone!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Bit Chilly Out There!

Tomorrow night, my brother's getting back from college. And I have a Christmas concert... and it's still very cold out! ( -20 C range, for all my dear southern hemisphere friends)

Tonight, I went to a rehearsal, but got to K-Town a bit early, so I went to take some photos of the sunset while on a walk with a friend.

Sorry again for the blurriness, but I'm finding it hard to not shake the camera when it's cold. (It was about -26 C according to this friend's iPhone. That's just too cold.)

Monday, 13 December 2010

It's cold out!

Yes, I went on a walk in the freezing cold weather we're having. But it was too beautiful not to!
However, hot tea does sound like a very good idea now.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

I am done!

Well, I'm not feeling so great, but I'm still in town because I have a rehearsal tonight for a Christmas concert next week. This should be fun.

But on happier topics, I turned in my last test for math, and figured that if I got a 55% on this test, I'd still get an A. Happy days. I should be able to get all A's in my classes, with perhaps an exception for my writing class; the teacher doesn't like my style, and I feel it's very possible that he'll grade me down as much as possible for that.

For now, here's to sitting at cafes and drinking hot tea and reading lovely books and not having homework for a whole month! Merry Christmas Break to you all!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


... why I love Alaska in the winter. Sorry for the blurriness- it was really cold when I was trying to take this photo. About -20 C.

Monday, 6 December 2010


Well, here I am, waiting for my first final tonight: speech. It should be easy, it was a take-home, and as long as you listen, you pretty much know all the answers.

Also, I've finished my take home test for math- pretty sure I'll be acing that one. But it's not due until Thursday, so I've got a bit of time for that. Since I finished Spanish already, that just leaves me with having to edit my final stories for my writing class and I'll be done.

Minus, you know, working all next week as well.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

In Cold December-Time

Only 24 more days until Christmas. And here's some more Christmas music.

It felt like December was never going to get here, the year just dragged on. And now it's time to make it feel like Christmas everywhere. That may include being part of the group from my office going to the School Head to petition for a Christmas tree in the office. 

Isn't this time lovely? I really can't wait to decorate our tree soon. 
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