Thursday, 31 December 2009

Almost Over

The year is almost over. I cannot believe the changes in my life, and the lives of those around me, which happened so gradually that I almost can't see how they happened, but now, I see how very fast it really must have been.
I see the things that I could have done. I see the things I did. I now have opportunities which I could hardly have thought of a year ago.
I've been stretched. I've gone through almost five months of treatment for something that I would never have imagined happening to me.
I've completed one semester of school, and met some amazing friends along the way. I've learned quite a bit about cooking on a manic-depressed stove that doesn't always decide to like you. I've learned that even when it hurts, we still have to keep on loving.
Of course, for most of the year, I thought that at this time, I'd be preparing to go to London. But now, I'm not. It nearly broke my heart when I was told that because of being sick I wouldn't be allowed to go. But God can turn even that disappointment around. I'm not sure how yet, but I know that at the end of this coming semester, I will see that good has come of me not going to London.
It's hard to believe that 2009 is nearly gone. But tonight, and already in some places around the world, the year will be gone and we shall see the end of a decade.
And when I think of all that has changed since 1999, I simply sit back and sigh. And I wonder what the next one shall bring.
God alone knows. And I shall leave that in His hands.

Sunday, 27 December 2009


Christmas has come and gone.... I wasn't able to go home to Alaska, which was hard, but Theophilus and I had a wonderful time with my grandparents and my uncle's family.
I found myself missing my friends at school, missing my friends and family at home, but still, God blessed us with a wonderful few days together.
Hopefully I'll be able to post photos at some point soon, but if not, expect quite the updates when I return to Houghton!

Monday, 21 December 2009

One Down

Yes, that's right. My last day of school was Friday!
I came pretty much straight to Gramma's, and then Merry flew out a little bit later. Since then, I've been mostly just hanging around the house with Theophilus, who is over in NY for part of break. We've been baking cookies and seeing family and watching movies, all of which are very relaxing because they have absolutely nothing to do with school.
In some ways, I still can't believe that I've now finished one whole semester of college. Where did the time go? Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that I was packing all my stuff to come down here?
Oh well, time to go to the Indian market, I'll write more later!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Favourite Things: Ceramics

I found out that I really like hand-crafted ceramics. They are beautiful, useful and can tell a lot about one's personality, I think.

So there is a guy at my school who makes beautiful ceramics. I saw his work the first week at school and have been wanting to get some ever since. Then yesterday, he was selling some in the Campus Centre.

Including this beautiful bowl for a ridiculously low price for something handcrafted. I just couldn't pass it by.

And a very cheap mug that reminded me of birch beer. It was unique. That's one lovely thing about his stuff. He guarantees that no two pieces of his will be the same.

And this cup had swirly patterns inside!

Although these two look almost identical, they have different coloured swirls and different glazes. So they're enough alike to be a set while still keeping a uniqueness about them. And they swirl opposite ways.
So I bought them for my host family for Christmas. Because everyone can always use another mug or two.

Monday, 14 December 2009

A Day In My December

~14 Dec. 09~

This morning started finals week here at HC. I can't believe how fast this semester has flown. However, my finals all fall on the last three days, so today and tomorrow are falling to be study days. (And heaven knows how I need them!)
Early in the morning, I went down to the health centre for my scheduled blood-draw. They took quite a bit today, and my arm was numb for hours afterwards. But once that ordeal was over, I returned to my room, made myself some tea (with catnip, to relax me from the stress of studying). It was a fairly productive time.
I finished a long paper that is due on Wednesday. Of course, it's frustrating because I'd already written that paper before Thanksgiving. However, Glorifindel (my computer) decided to be like his namesake and died last Thursday, wiping the hard-drive completely and I lost everything that was on there. So, since then, I rewrote all of it, found all my sources and actually managed to get a half-way decent paper. After that, I turned to studying for my Biblical Literature final, which is my last one, on Friday.
At noon, I headed over to the cafeteria for one of my last meals there this semester. I've already talked to them about keeping my plan reduced for next semester, which makes me very happy. I also checked my mail and had a package from the lovely Gwynhyfar out in Cali. Inside were cards for me and Merry, as well as gifts and a bag of teas from her sister Stephanna. They both know how very much I love tea, so this gift was quite welcome.
After opening the presents (which also included books and a pair of silvery earrings) I went back to studying. I'm happy to say that I think I'm nearly done with what I need to have read.
Around six, I went over to have ice cream with Joia and Isabel, which was fun. That lasted quite a while, and of course, Isabel and I had a blast with pink peppermint ice cream. I'm so glad the cafeteria has decided to carry my favourite ice cream for the month of December. Next time, I should take a few photos of it.
Seven thirty came and I headed up to my host family's house to study for the evening. They thought (correctly) that I would like a quiet place to study with no distractions away from my usual study places where I could easily lose focus. Mrs H. made me cookies and mint tea, and then we all settled down for studying. Mr. and Mrs. H. are both going for degree completion here, and they were studying for finals as well. It was nice to sit by their Christmas tree and sip on my hot tea while taking fourteen pages of notes for my cultural anthropology test on Thursday. I got all the studying I wanted to accomplished, and left them around midnight. Mr. H. offered to drive me down to the campus (it's about a five or eight minute walk) because it was dark, but since they had been nice enough to let me come up, and he looked far too tired to drive, I opted to walk back. The night was fairly warm for December, and I reached my dorm at midnight, if the bell tower is to be believed.
And you know, bed sounds really good now. ^_^

Sunday, 13 December 2009

A-Wassailing We Go!

Isabel, after jumping into the snow-drift with me.

Jon, who is from Texas, learning to make snow-angels.

Here is my lovely snow-angel, after Jon had so kindly pulled me up.

Afterwards, when we'd traipsed back to campus, Isabel decided to sit on the snowy bench. After all, she was already completely wet from our angels and snowfights and drift-diving shenanigans.
Yes, Christmas Carolling at the nursing home gave us so much energy we had to expend it in the freshly fallen snow. The people there were so sweet, I'm not sure who was more blessed- those who heard us singing, or the eleven of us who got to see the smiles which Christmas songs could bring.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Favourite Things: Christmas Carols

This afternoon, I was rehearsing over in the music buildings for a concert I'm in tomorrow. After i was finished, I was spending a few moments with some friends.
One of them decided to grab me back into a practice room. He, Joia and I began randomly playing Christmas music: he sang, she played my violin and I played the piano. It was such fun that I forgot all my stress over finals and friends and everything else.
And it reminded me how much I love Christmas carols. Which is exactly what I needed.
Now, go listen to some Christmas music and think of the wonder of the season!!!

Friday, 4 December 2009

More Pixie Photos

I promised more photos of the hair- so here they are! I'm really still loving the ease of care and the feel of the style. I think I'll let it all grow out again just so I can donate and chop in a few years.

Thursday, 3 December 2009


Well, after nearly a year of no new foster children, my parents informed me this afternoon that I was getting three new siblings! M (a boy) who is 12, K (a girl) who is 11, and A (another boy) who is 7!
I can't wait to hear more about them. We're not sure how long they will be with us- not for an extended period, most likely.
Still, siblings are great, and I love my family very much.
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