Sunday, 24 July 2011

Early Mornings

Today is my day off for the week. And of course, since that means I can sleep in, I woke up every half hour from 3 A.M. onwards. At five I gave up and walked outside for a little bit.

It's strange how the world is so hushed at that time of the day. Up here, it's light out still, seeing as it's summer and it won't get really dark for a few more weeks when we head into Autumn. Our neighbourhood is a quiet rural street, so we almost never have the sounds of traffic to bother us, especially not in these early hours.

The grass was wet, and the hay field was only making the slightest whispering sounds. Since the grass is so tall there, my feet didn't feel like I was walking on needles while threading my way along the edge of the field.

Birds were singing softly in the trees, and squirrels were bustling about and staring at me with those dark eyes, wondering if I was there to throw rocks at them or to give them food. (No, I do NOT throw rocks at squirrels, ever. I name them and feed them, much to my mother's dismay. Winston and Nutkin are getting rather cheeky.)

I have never been a morning person. I'm a night owl, in every way possible. Usually, if I'm seeing dawn it's because I stayed up until those hours, not because I woke up willingly. I don't think I'll ever really be a morning person, just because I spend the rest of the day exhausted when I wake early.

But just recently, I have finally discovered the wonder of the early morning, when you're the only one around to see it. No noise, no disturbance. Just the soft colours rinsing the world of the grime of yesterday and the shadows of night.

As Anne says, "Tomorrow's always fresh, with no mistakes in it... yet."

Now, the light is a bit stronger, and I think I'm going back to bed for a bit. My feet are damp from the dew, and that makes them a little cold. And besides, it is Sunday and I don't have to get up for hours more.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Something Beautiful

There's something beautiful in the quiet moments of morning when I awake at 5 a.m. and my parents are still in bed and I have that last cup of coffee from the night before out on our deck with the birds and squirrels and the grey dawn.

There's something beautiful in the drive to work with the golden sunlight streaming onto my arms and face while I sing whatever folk songs are on the tip of my tongue.

There's something beautiful in the rain dances with my patients, with their pleased laughter and happy, rain-spattered faces.

There's something beautiful in the way the trees whisper in the wind that brushes over the tall soon-to-be-mowed hay as I take a gentle evening walk through them after long hours of work.

There's something beautiful in the cups of tea while reading blogs and listening to English folk music and relaxing before going to bed.

There's something beautiful about hearing of the new blessings and adventures of dear friends.

There's something beautiful to waking up and doing this again the next morning.

There's just something beautiful if I stop long enough to see it. To think about it. To be thankful for it. To allow grace to colour the world I see.

There's something beautiful...

Monday, 18 July 2011

The Wrote and the Writ

The song of the weekend seems to be Johnny Flynn's "The Wrote and the Writ". So catchy and gentle, I just want it to play over and over again.

Why on earthy aren't there more crooners making music these days? Especially English crooners.

Monday, 11 July 2011


Saturday, after getting off work, I headed over to a rugby match to see the lovely Kaitlyn. Yes, that's right: Rugby in Alaska. Who would have thought? She had texted me saying she'd be there, and so I followed her directions, and had the most lovely afternoon.

And reaffirmed my love of rugby. Yes, elegant violence. 
So much fun to sit there and cheer, and shout, and generally yell and support what I suppose is now my team- which I never knew was around here until Saturday afternoon. I had a blast, and am definitely going to their last game of the season in three weeks.

A megaphone to yell at them may or may not be going with me. :)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Knit One, Breathe One, Knit Two Together

It's been a week. A long week, it seems, at least to me. I've been working, which is nice, and knitting, which is wonderful.

It's been a week of sorting out ideas of how to make it through the next year. What to do with the time that I'm not in school. What do I need to save for, and what is important to me. Whether or not to look for a new vehicle with better mileage. Whether or not to throw away those random things I've kept for years in my desk or closet. Whether or not to rip out seven inches of knitting on a hat to redo the brim because I'm not sure I like the way my pattern is turning out. (Well, that's my own fault, I chose to not follow a written pattern and make it off the cuff.)

Okay, so maybe that last one isn't so drastically important. But right now, it's just one of those things that keeps me going through my time of questioning everything in my life. Examining to find what I really need, what I want, where I'm going with it all. I'm young, and where I steer myself now will largely decide my future.

Knitting helps when I feel overwhelmed. When I'm tired. When I need to stop thinking of all the huge things that I really don't have much control over at this point in time.

What helps you get through times like these? (Or, maybe the question I should ask really ought to be: does anyone else ever have these times, or is it just me?)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Beyond All Praising

I think I should remember to sing this throughout my day, and over the next few months of changing paces.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Making Some Hazy Plans

Following yesterday's disappointment of learning that I'm not going to be in school- which was more of a blow to me than I think I made it sound- I've been spending a good deal of today thinking over the things I'll fill my time with instead of studying for classes and exams.
  • Work - Full time, over time, you know- earn money and hopefully save up a bit so that I can...
  • Travel to Britain to see lovely Kaitlyn
  • Pay off school loans and other bills
  • Perhaps get another vehicle
  • Pay for my growing crafting habits
  • Learn to crochet, finally. Even if it kills me. Well- maybe not to that extent.
  • Sew more. I mean it this time. Really. 
  • Learning needlework. Rather like crochet- even if it kills me. (Did you notice my sanctimonious nod with that?)
  • Go hiking/walking/biking/skiing more. 
  • Read more books. (If I work night shifts, this should be easy as pie. Although I'm not so sure what's easy about pie. Anyways.)
  • Write more. Poetry, novels, etc. 
  • Blog more.
Oh. I said it. The terrible words. I've been a rather unfaithful blogger for far too long. But I promise to try to do better now. Be regular and take photos and do interesting things to actually blog about. 

Friday, 1 July 2011

Half Way

Well, today marks the first day of the second half of the year. It's a little odd to think that the year's half done already.

What happened to all my plans for the year? I'm so far behind on my "I'd like to..." list that I'm really glad I never set myself New Year's Resolutions.

Also, as it's half way point, it is the beginning of a new fiscal year. Which meant that yesterday was the deadline for certain forms for grants so that I can go to school next semester. And come to find out, the forms I filed in February were never received, meaning that no matter what forms I do now, it's too late for any grants. Yes, this means I'm not going to be in school in the fall, and will have to work full time to pay back loans I had in New York.

Upside? Next spring, I'm planning a month long bash around Britain. Yep. I think it may make up for this temporary upset just a little bit. At least half way.

To all my dear readers and friends out there, happy half way through this year. Let's make the second half a good one. :)
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