Wednesday, 2 May 2012

May Begins

Hello. I know, I never post anymore.

It's not because there aren't amazing and wonderful things going on in my life. There have been many.

Christmas. Lent. Easter. Travelling to the East Coast again.

It's where I am right now - sitting in a friend's parlour, relaxing after a very busy first week of my three week long vacation. I've already logged well over 1000 miles in the little rental car I have- all since last Friday.

I managed to finally meet a dear friend in Pennsylvania, a 7 year long relationship carried on entirely via internet and letters and phones. I saw her younger sister graduate. We did silly girl things and laughed. It was wonderful.

The very next day, I drove the few hundred miles back to the school I attended in NY two years ago. It hurt, in some ways, to return. Old memories and aches flooded in; but I faced the lions (Oh, L.M. Alcott, I love your descriptions...) and had a lovely Sunday there.

I returned to Mount Irenaeus- where the noticeable beginning to my journey towards and into Catholicism began. I was giddy- bouncing like a child- drinking in the beauty of the place that in a few short weeks, two and a half years ago, came to mean so much to me and which changed my entire life. (I'm going back this coming Sunday. Yes, I'm still going to be giddy.)

Monday, I came to Buffalo and am staying with friends. I've been to Canada, I saw the Falls, I got lost, and I laughed.

And I got to go shopping at a small Italian corner market. Can't get much better than that in my few six days, can it?

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